I'm a 45 year old marketing executive and I travel to Grand Rapids Michigan about 6 times a year. I've tried many of the spas or hotel masseuses and have been disappointed due to all the fluff and buff when all I wanted was a great personalized massage and not a cookie cutter one you could get anywhere. Also, my meetings run late and I found it hard to find anyone open after 7pm. On my last visit to town I found Massage By Sarah. It was already 10pm but her ad said to call anytime and by 11pm she was all set up and ready to go in my room. She gave me the BEST massage I have ever had! Sarah was amazing!! She had the warmest hands I'd ever felt and she delivered on all my individual needs. I'm very happy to have found a great and accommodating service I will be using on every trip to Grand Rapids!

Adam H.

Happy Customer!

I've used Sarah 3 times now and she has become a part of my Grand Rapids ritual. She has even visited me twice at the Courtyard after 10PM. We usedher at our midwest franchise conference for the ticket holders as a free massage. It worked out great. I would offer her a job if she lived in Denver. This is one of those "You get what you pay for" deals. We also bought 20 Gift Certificates as gifts for all of our local employees. This was our choice over having her come into the office. Smart business lady, you'll enjoy doing business with her.

Pros: Mobile, Exellent with her hand, reasonable, usually same day appointments

Cons: Books up quick sometimes.

Jerry F.

Happy Customer!

Sarah has literally changed my life. I suffered from severe tension and migraine headaches daily for years and had tried everything. After a few weeks of consistent massage work with Sarah, my headaches are virtually non-existent. What makes Sarah so effective is in large part due to her magical touch - her hands have an intuition of their own and seek out problem areas with the right amount of pressure. But Sarah is equally as effective because of her deep knowledge of the human body and her excellent listening skills. For the first time with a massage therapist I felt my concerns were being heard and someone was actually listening to my symptoms and what I knew would work. She is without a doubt Grand Rapids' best kept massage secret!

Linda P.

Happy Customer!

I just wanted to thank you again for coming out late at night to help work out my stress from being on 3 flights just to get to Grand Rapids. The fact you answered your phone surprised me, but the fact you worked me in was even better.

I will use you again.

Greg S.

First time customer!

I wanted to get a massage in the comfort of my own home and Massage By Sarah delivered. I called them up and was able to schedule an in-home appointment for the SAME day! The masseuse prepared my living room to create a relaxing vibe and brought everything that I needed. She delivered on providing an amazingly relaxing and ONE OF A KIND massage. She was very detailed oriented to my SPECIFIC needs, AMAZING! I would certainly recommend them if you are looking for that one of a kind and individualized massage. Thanks Massage By Sarah!

David M.

In-Home Customer

The company that I work for wanted to treat us to massages at work, so I'd heard from one of our staff members that had used Massage By Sarah. I called her up and she was very pleasant and helpful with our needs. We needed 3 full 9 hour days of massage and she responded with "NO PROBLEM." We also needed it the next week and still, was not a problem. Massage By Sarah was very professional and educated. All therapists were on time, well dressed, well spoken and able to fulfill all of our needs. I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to Massage By Sarah and we will definitely be using your services again in the near future!

Angela E.

Corporate Customer

I have been a client of Massage By Sarah for over 2 years, and I can honestly say that I've never met a more talented Massage Therapist. Massage By Sarah has had a huge impact on my health and happiness. I came to them a little over 2 years ago with chronic shoulder, neck, and wrist pain as well as knee issues from over twenty five years of repetitive motion and standing in my job. At 48 years old and after a lot of fruitless searching for help, I had essentially resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to learn to live with pain. Massage By Sarah started making progress from the first visit, and after a year, it was like I'd been given a second chance. Now I continue to go for maintenance and to be honest it feels amazing! My neck and shoulder feel incredible, and they even ended up helping me loosen my jaw, which has had an enormous impact on singing, (I am a singer). Massage By Sarah is amazing. I really can't say enough good things. Thank you!

Brandi S.

Repeat Customer

I've known Sarah for 3 years. Anytime I get to west Michigan, I get a massage from the best little therapist there is. I have gone to her office if I'm just there for a day, but generally have her come out to the hotel. Thanks Sarah.


Repeat Customer