Do you need to relax and spend some quality time on yourself?

Getting a massage is a great way to help you relax and forget about the worries and stresses of your everyday life. Massage has been proven to relax tired muscles, reduce trigger points and re-center your whole body. For your convenience, I will travel to your home or office to provide this relaxing massage.

Relaxation is an important part of everyday life. Benefits of relaxation are listed below can all be met with the art of massage.

These benefits include:
- Decreased muscle tightness and soreness
- Decreased stress levels
- Decreased blood pressure
- Increased blood flow
- Increased ability to handle everyday stresses of life

About Your Massage

About Your Massage

In order to provide the most comfortable and relaxing environment for you I will travel to your home or office. All full body massages will be done on an EarthLite professional massage table. For a quick fix at the office a back, neck and shoulder massage will be performed using an EarthLite desktop massage unit. This massage is great for companies and businesses that feel like treating their employees to a break from the work day.

The finest therapeutic lotions will be used for the massage, and the pressure of the massage is up to individual choice. Every effort will also be made to maintain privacy and comfort to ensure the most relaxing time of your day!

Services and Types of Massages

Massage By Sarah offers a wide variety of massage types. Some popular ones are the feel good Swedish massage, the deep acupressure massage and the stress busting trigger point massage. All massages are done while keeping client comfort in mind. This is why I travel to your home for comfort and convenience.

This service is great for the stressed out mom who needs a break. She can relax and escape into another world while keeping her children safe and in her home. This massage is also great for the businessperson, dentist or doctors office and secretarial staffers who just need a break from their work day.